Terrazzo Look

Tonal vibrations, shifting between concrete and stone

A graphic reinterpretation of terrazzo flooring, to experiment with new approaches to planning and design. Created in the 15th century in Venice as a way of re-using marble, granite and quartz chips, mixed together with cement to form a single compound reminiscent of an uneven mosaic, it was often used both for its durability and its ability to create a “design”. The porcelain stoneware flooring can vary from fine to medium grain. The series is suitable for a variety of important architectural settings, both period and modern, offering novel, stimulating perspectives.

Available Sizes

60 x 120
60 x 60
30 x 30


Caolino Maxi

Caolino Mini

Tessere Caolino Mini

Carrè Caolino Mini

Calce Maxi

Calce Mini

Tessere Calce Mini

Carrè Calce Mini

Beton Maxi

Beton Mini

Tessere Beton Mini

Carrè Beton Mini

Bucchero Maxi

Bucchero Mini

Tessere Bucchero Mini

Carrè Bucchero Mini



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